The Coaches

Brian Morri has been coaching the Ocean 101 for 9 years. He grew up in the water playing water polo and is an Ironman athlete.

Chris Rosien has been coaching the Ocean 101 for over 9 years. He has raced triathlon at nearly every distance and coaches athletes for various charities.

Max Miller went from fat to fit first by running, then triathlon. He has raced nearly every distance, including multiple Ironman finishes, and is a USAT certified coach. As a prior head coach of the Children’s Hospital tri team he worked with more than 200 athletes per year, as well as coaching private clients to their first race or Ironman. He has been a coach with the Ocean 101 for 7 years, writes movies, owns a VIP technology consulting company, and is excited to teach his young daughter how to approach the ocean and life fearlessly.

Sherry Winston is a founding member of the Just Keep Swimming Relay team. Together they crossed the Catalina Channel in 2012, placed third in the relay division of the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2013, and in 2014 raced in the Lake Tahoe crossing. A veteran swimmer, she brings a welcome new voice to the clinic.

The Ocean 101 was founded in 2005 by Tim Bomba and Steve Herbert.

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